Follow the leader

Following the leader is to be able to learn from our own journey. Each experience we have has brought us the wisdom that can be shared with others. We all have our own path that will lead others to enlightenment.

Our transmutation and transformation have brought us today into a place of peace and connection with the divine. We are now reaching deep into our core in our spirit for the guidance we need to continue on our journey. We are experiencing the pure love of the universe.

We are at ease with our outer condition focusing on our dreams and life purpose. Keeping an open heart and mind while going through the raging river that is our lives.

We have become in tune with the divine in a way that would not have been possible if our trials and tribulations would have been an easy road. We have learned to overcome our obstacles by leaning on the universe.

We have opened the flow of pure connection that have guided us through our lives, we have become the better part of our own self by going through difficult times. We have conquered our fears by facing it head on. We have learned to be humble and grateful for what we have while looking back on how far we have come.

It is a journey of a thousand of self-discovery becoming one with the divine has brought us the peace we needed into our hearts. Nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves, learning to break the glass ceiling that is above us to finally free us from the world of the ego.

We are living in a world of wonders, continuing every day to be in awe with our surrounding. Counting our blessings and be thankful for the experience we are living in.