Reconnecting with our mate

Finally, we are taking another break, just for a short few days without the pups just the two of us to finally going back to basics. It has been a crazy summer, but it is time to ground ourselves back. Taking the time to not watch TV or social media. Just a nice gateway to another state.

Driving was fun a couple of hours from home far enough to be in the middle of nowhere. Listening to the waves of the lake crashing. I can see the weather has cooled off since this morning, but it is still enjoyable.

Just listening to the waves makes us forget about everything else. It is not a luxury to escape from the madness of the world. Living our lives to the fullest is being able to open ourselves up to the universe. Taking the time to finally slow down.

Those well deserves few days are the welcoming fresh air we needed. Too much going on, feeling at times we are in a rat race. Today is the day we finally left our phones on the table and go outside. Mother nature is starting to change trees into beautiful colors.

It is a time to become closer to each other and reconnect at the deeper level. It is a time to embrace each other and have some fun. Not worrying about tomorrow just enjoying being in the present moment.

It is a joy to be in a place where there is not much to do specially connecting with mother nature. Not feeling the world of the ego in our path but instead slowing down to have fun. As we are taking the time to walk around and discover the area, we have finally grounded ourselves.

Being happy to be in our bubble without the distraction of the illusional world for the ego. It is great to go back to basics every few months so we can enjoy each other’s company.