Field of dreams

Our field of dreams is our sacred garden, where we can give birth to our wildest dreams. It is a time of contemplation about where we are in our lives where we would like to be. The becoming of our own spirit, the opening of endless opportunities.

It is always a wonderful way to co-create with the universe when we are minding our own business in our own field of dreams. We have the opportunity to course correct our path, letting our imagination guide us while our spirit helps us to navigate the path we would like to embark on.

Imagination is the engine that started It all, learning to understand what our heart’s desires are. Not letting our fears or ego blocking us from letting ourselves daydream, Instead, we should be bold and wild taking the leap of faith with the mantra “if money wasn’t an issue what would I be doing? Where would I be?”

Those are great questions we might want to percolate on them for a while before we are going to plant the next intention in that field of dreams. I have reflected on a lot of dreams I wanted to see the light of day.

I have sat in a quiet place so I could let my spirit show me what would be the best path. When we learn to co-create with the universe we are opening up to a world of magic. Not trying to control the how but focusing on how it would feel if you currently had the object of your dreams.

Signaling the universe, we are ready for our next big adventure! How exciting it would be if everything we wished for, and some more could materialize in front of us? What would it take to do that?

It is very simple, minding our own business by focusing on our own life. It also makes us clear up what is not for our highest good as well, so we do not carry it into our next experience.