Balancing Act

Living our lives is a daily balancing act, from a demanding job to our families. It can be maddening at times when everyone wants everything at the same time! We have to remain calm under duress even if our outer conditions are less then ideal.

I have lived a thousand lives during that time I worked under high pressure jobs. Most people would have lost it after a few minutes but instead I thrive on the chaos because I could see how the pieces of the puzzle I was facing was fitting together.

Keeping calm helped me a lot to convey the message to people that were less than grounded. It helped them to slowdown and ground themselves to make a comeback. It takes a lot of our own skills to be able to remain like calm water.

When we are in a middle of turmoil, we might need to learn to step back so we can see the bigger picture. The most interesting part of our lives is to try to learn to balance our professional and personal life. As we are going with the flow, we can learn to ride the wave of our life.

When we are in a balancing act, we are discovering the way to become in tune with the universe. Learning to become like a ballerina dancing across the stage with grace we can learn to become flexible and opening to a world of wonders.

It is never too late to learn to do that even if some days it is not what we would like to do but when we are connected with the universe, we can learn to be the better part of us. The life of a thousand is opening ourselves to a world of wonders. Living our lives to the fullest is being able to be grounded while learning to navigate the raging river that is our life.