Rock Bottom

Surrender and acceptance is the key when we hit rock bottom. When our life has hit a brick wall or in layman’s term we are at a dead end, we need to learn to surrender instead of fighting it. Yes! If we have overgrown our work, there will come a time the universe will intervene in a way that might not at first seem to be good.  

Like losing our job because of company reorganization it might seems harsh or unfair when we must pay our bills and are depending on a check! Instead of being in a state of stress which I must admit is extremely difficult to not go there.

We might start to think this is an opportunity to do something different. From a new field of work, to start our own business. When we are letting go and leaning on the universe, we can finally see those opportunities.

Hitting rock bottom helps us to push ourselves further in our lives by taking the “bull by the horns” I have hit rock bottom in my life a few times. That’s when I refocused my energy to move forward refusing to give up on me but instead letting go of the form and leaning on the universe.

It is an amazing journey full of detours that sometimes will make us feel like we are going backwards but it is a rewarding journey that helps us to grow and mature. Rock bottom is part of the life we are living in, but it is not the end it is empowering us to open ourselves wide.

Letting the universe in our lives and continue to have faith in ourselves regardless of the outer condition we are currently in. It is a time, also, that can spark the best ideas or solutions  that will help us to move forward in our lives.