Slow and steady

It is kind of ironic for me to write today about slow and steady. Not because I am thinking I am running out of time, but because I have been working non-stop and haven’t slowed down yet… It is always great to be present in our lives, but it is also rewarding to open ourselves up to options.

When you are taking that new approach, you are able to overcome the challenges you are facing. It also helps us to be present in our lives, running our lives like it is a race will not help us to be grounded and tuned in with our surrounding.

It also impacts our personal relationships, when we learn to slowdown we can finally hear and see our loved ones. We can connect or reconnect with them; we can empower ourselves to become the best we can be when we are opened to do it.

It does not mean it is easy, I had to practice that over a year ago when I decided to sit outside 5 minutes at the time. Learning to listen and observe my surroundings, it has been an amazing challenge for sure. Some days were easier than others but at the end by keeping myself on track I was able to expand the time I was alone from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

I learned to slow down by just taking the time to be in silent mode and just ground myself. Opening my eyes to my surroundings realizing there is another world that is busier than me and mother nature is the one over seeing it.

When we are working on our dreams and goals, we have to take the same approach, we cannot influence the universe with our own timing. We are depending on the universe’s timing to reach our goals and dreams.

Learning we have to be open to go slow and steady will help us to successfully reach them.