One ring circus

When we let drama into our lives It is like entering a one ring circus! We cannot control the chaos from the outer conditions we are in, and also have a tendency to add more chaos by letting our ego run the show. Going into paranoia that loves to be feed by our ego and fears.

Fears of tomorrow, fears of being alone, fears of losing our jobs, fears we do not have enough. These kinds of thoughts that are poisoning us become the most detrimental thoughts. It does not help us, it makes us dependent on more negative energy.

Some people love the drama, they cannot help themselves to feel more alive when there is chaos around them. At the end of the day, we choose who surrounds us and what kind of experiences we are living in. This is why we need to watch our thoughts.

What are we thinking will become reality so do we want to have a circus in our lives? Do we want to feel drained at the end of the day not feeling we are moving forward in our lives when we are spending our time putting fires out of everyone’s else?

What is the point if we are unable to co-create with the universe when the world of the ego has so much distraction? We are spending so much time wondering what others would do instead of thinking what our spirit has to say.

When we step into the world of chaos, we are inviting madness into our lives. we are spending our time being distracted by the illusional world of the ego. Is it part of our best interest to do that? What do we have to gain if we are unable to fulfill our own dreams?

What would it take for us to step outside of the circus?