Magic stream

Each event in our lives is connect. Nothing comes to us by accident. When We are willing to go to the magic stream that is our lives you are learning to open the doors of infinite possibilities by learning to course correct your own path.

As young children we might be influenced by our outer conditions from a broken family to living in the poorest neighborhood. It doesn’t mean you cannot get out of there it means your dreams and aspiration will bring the changes and perfect synchronicity into your life.

Changing the path, you are on for the better, it also shows us we are not segmented in our lives but linear. Yes, everything must happen in order to make the right changes in our lives. From losing a job that can open the doors to the dream job or starting your own business.

Our life is not disconnected from one another even though we are on a different track. It doesn’t mean our path will not impact one another in a different way. The world of wonders helps us so much to learn who we truly are but also connecting the dots.

Understanding we are disconnected from each event in our lives, when in fact everything is connected, we are whole. Interestingly enough when we are going to the magic stream, we have a better viewpoint of our lives.

Realizing where we are is not a mistake, we can also start to change the way we think. Finding the peace in our heart to go through the past hurts but we can learn to heal our wounds. It is also a great way to find the creativity we are inspired to live through.

Living a life of a thousand is a world of wonders. Why not started now!