Becoming a master in our own life is to continue to be a student of life. Yes! It is not only spending time behind a desk at school it is about learning from our own experiences, being open to learn new things. We have to become curious about our surroundings, also we can learn from one another as well.

What makes us who we are is the experience we are living. So, if we decide to close ourselves to learn more about the world, we are living in we are narrowing our understanding about it. Having faith, we are in the world of wonders we can learn to change our outer conditions by learning how to co-create with the universe.

I have been working with the universe since I was a little girl with no full knowledge of the universe and my spirit, but it was natural for me. I had to learn to lean on them having faith and determination I would overcome whatever was in the front of me.

It does not mean I lived in a white castle and had everything I wanted, not at all! I had to overcome the challenges my spirit had chosen for me. I had to learn to walk into the unknown with determination and courage.

I had to become the better part of me while being open to take the leap of faith into the unknown, knowing it was my best path. I was challenged but my dreams to live a life of magic empowered me to continue to learn and be open to move around challenges.

My reflection become the mirror of the universe; I had the warrior in me showing me the way. Being cradled by the universe helped me to become who I am today. My curious mind helped me to expand my view on life. I would not be here today if I did not want to continue to be a student of life.