My possibilities

Exploring possibilities by brainstorming with someone is a great way to hear our thoughts out loud. Also, you can get feedback from the trusted person that is listening to you. I have found It helpful to continue to open my circle of light.

Keeping my thoughts and focusing on what is for my highest good it has been a great way to be open to a world of wonders. Having someone to lean on has been a game changer as well but continuing to stay open to a life of opportunities.

It is not easy if you do not know how to keep your energy moving and pushing ourselves to transformation. Keeping our space sacred can be challenging by learning to mind our own business as we are creating the space we need to materialize our next experience.

I have learned many many years ago how to co-create with the universe. It took me years also to figure out how to do it! Yes, at that time no books or media was available, so I had to use the universe to guide me along my journey.

Through perfect synchronicity people were coming onto my path to provide me what I needed, from books that I would have never found. It has been an amazing journey to get where I am today, but it also has been a grateful and humbling.

We are magicians that can do so much more for us, learning to invite peace and love in my life has been the best reward I could have ever made if I were not willing to change my path. I have learned so much more about who I am during that journey.

I have continued to be on the path of transformation by taking a leap of faith not knowing how I would land at the end of the day. But it has been a great ride no matter how hard the road that I had to take to get to where I am today was.