Thoughtful moments

Some days we can ask ourselves what was I thinking? From a strange hair cut to the wrong relationship or work, we can have plenty of time to shake our head off. Even going back to memory land and starting to laugh at situations that happened that would make us burst into laughter after sharing it.

I have remembered a lot of crazy times I had when I was a teen that I am so blessed no phone or social media was around at that time. It would have put me in a lot of trouble…

We are all seeing it happening when the younger generation doesn’t understand to not share everything on social media. It is impossible for them to not be in pictures or on someone’s video at any given time either. Very into self!!!

It is also great to see the evolution of technology and how fast information is coming at us. We can now reach out to our loved ones without moving from our coach! Being able to communicate does not mean speaking face to face.

The best part to have grown through the years is how much wisdom I have achieved. Being able to let peace in my space has been wonderful. Learning to stay grounded has been challenging but the world of infinite possibilities and creation has been a blessing.

It has been a journey of a thousand with a lot of detours that have been essential to open the doors to infinite possibilities. Learning the skill sets I had an opportunity to accumulate them, it has been a great way to continue to be a student of life.

Through these days I am still using them, this is a gift that is essential, and most people are ignoring. Instead of staying in our own lane we can learn from others. For example, to understand how a company works it is nice to understand what the job everyone around us is meant to be doing.

It makes it even easier when we can see how we impact others from work to personal life.