The saga of the pups 36

As the weather is cooling off for a change, we got the tribe of pups doing the same. As the training is still moving forward Mac had a little setback. Yes! Even the best actors can at times injure themselves! We had to go back to the vet to get him checked while Miss Dot and myself were waiting in the car.

The boy came back looking all happy and jolly after the vet had to take care of his wound. At home I decided to cut the end of a sock and put it on his back leg with a soft rubber I used to do my hair, I placed it on the top of it so it would not slide down.

My other option would have been to use a cone but from the last experience I had with both of them having to wear one I did not want to take a chance on it. Yes! To make the story more interesting at the time both of them were wearing one.  Mac had the bright idea to find the string knot on Dottie’s cone and pull it, then he gently, with his teeth was able to remove it from her.

However, Dot was not as clever as him, so she went the only way she knew! Yes! Using her teeth, she started to chew on his cone!! By the time I came home she was roaming free while Mac’s cone was halfway chew, he was not free, but his face was priceless.

I do have the pictures to prove it!!! Today I opted for another option. I however did a little trick.  instead of one sock I used both. Since I know my boy, I knew if he had both on him it would distract him. When I came back home it worked!

Both socks did stay in place and his wound has started to heal… It would have been Dottie she would have been removing them!