How to deal with conflict

How to handle conflict? That is one of the best questions we might want to answer. As young kids we can fight in the sand box, yes one smack behind the head with the bucket or the plastic toy that is laying around to see how the other will react. It is what I call a typical day at the daycare center…

You’re always going to have someone that will try to push your boundaries. If you ever had to watch children while their parents would be out, you probably have encountered this situation when the child will try to push to see how far they can go with you.

It is typical for them to test the boundaries, but how does it apply when we are adult and working in an environment where we are all side by side 5 to 7 days a week. This is a challenge when conflicts are starting. How do you deal with it? Do you have to take sides or are you in the middle of a conflict?

Often, we are reacting when someone is getting upset instead of learning to step back and realizing it is not my monkey, neither my circus. I have witnessed people that were unable to express how they felt so instead of focusing their energies on trying to elevate them, they would find someone and unleash their fury on them.

Is this helpful? Not really. When you are able to stay grounded and centered you can feel the other person’s ego. This is where we need to keep ourselves in check and not allow ourself to go into the spiral of energy that this person is in.  

I have taken the time to respond to someone by stepping back and not allowing my ego to go in full force towards them. By doing that I was able to keep the situation from escalating and keep the other person more grounded.

When everything was said and done the situation was defused.