The saga of the pups 34

As we are going to do our training for our upcoming reboot movie, Mac and Dottie had another adventure planned for them to go through. The lakes and the 4-wheelers, yes! As we are preparing for the biggest heist in Vegas, we had to go see how they would handle the water. Especially Mac since he does not like the water up and close, we had to find out if he could swim across the water.

As we arrived at the cabin, they started to run like crazy mad cows so they could unleash their burst of energies. While Mac was still by our side Miss Dot decided to set the surveillance parameter. Yes, this girl spotted chipmunks.

However, Mac was following us everywhere. He had to meet his first challenge, the deck! Yes, Mac fears walking on wooden floors. At first, he did not want to do it but with some sweet encouragement he took a leap of faith and did it! Like a kid with a heavy diaper Mac was walking with his back legs wider than usual, he was also closer to the ground.

While Miss Dottie was MIA, we started to look for her, it took a couple of minutes for this young lady to show up. The next challenge was the water… Yes! I knew Dottie would have no issues with jumping in.  As we proceeded to go to the dock Mac was still behind us not willing to walk on it.

It took him a minute to finally do it. As we approached the water a group of ducks started to move away from the dock. As Dottie saw them, she jumped in the water to our general surprise Mac jumped in as well. I was stunned but also proud of this boy to do that!!!

The next challenge, the 4-wheelers, we had to see how both will handle it. Dottie did not mind the noise neither the movement instead she found herself standing straight between the two of us. However, Mac got spooked so I had to have him sitting next to me. We went for a ride. It was fun even though this included a mud bath!! Branches flying and off road like a roller coaster. They both did very well, and I am so proud of Mac!!!