The life of wonders

During mercury retrograde we might feel like we are paddling in semolina! Or more bluntly said, going backwards while trying to move forwards. This is always the strangest time to go through, but it is good to do a self-inventory and reflection of where we are and where we would like to be.

Nothing wrong about three weeks of miscommunication! Learning to be patient as we are dealing with the ripple effect of those three weeks. It is the challenge we have to face three times a year. I also noticed some of them will affect less than other ones.

But at the end it is a good time to go through our own garden and deal with what needs to be removed so we can have room in our field of dreams. Living our lives to the fullest is being able to accept when we are done learning something and ready to move on for a better experience.

The life we are living is the lives of a thousand, we are the magician the co-creators. We are able and capable to move forward in our lives with the opportunity to continue to appreciate who we truly are.

Facing uncertainty in our lives can be uncomfortable or straight out scary for some of us but the most amazing ride of your life will be when you are into the unknown. This is when you are breaking the glass ceiling that is above you to finally let your spirit be free.

Being guided by our own faith and believes we are changing our lives for the better. Learning to lean on the universe to finally set ourselves free of the world of the ego. The best place we can be is the unknown it makes us who we truly are which is the trailblazers, the master of our own destiny.