Our life desires

Sometimes you can be surprised by people, even the people who are close to you. I have ever imagined in a million that one day someone would surprise me an opportunity of a lifetime. We are always expecting our fairytale to come true. But when we are on the quest of our own life, we might lose sight of our own dreams.

It might take some time before we can have all our heart’s desire wishes would come true, they are always coming when we are the least expecting them as well. Which makes it even better, I have seen people being surprised when they landed a job that was not on their radar or the hiring process took so long, they were ready to move on to another position.

The universe and perfect synchronicity work their wonders in such a magical way that we are not always aware the pieces of the puzzle that are our lives are still moving. Yes, when we feel like we are in stand still mode the universe is working hard behind the scenes to make things happen.

We can bring magic into our lives when we are willing to co-create with the universe. Living a thousand of life’s is being open to discover who we truly are. It is a journey of wonders full of surprises good or bad, but the maturity of our spirit goes happens when we are facing it.

Living our lives to the fullest is being able to course correct our path while continuing to live our dreams. It might take time for some of us to realize how we can co-create with the universe or how we can learn to change the way we are thinking.

How our lives can change when we are willing to open our mind and heart. It takes time, trials, and tribulations to get where we need to be.