The saga of the pups 28

As the weather is becoming gloomier the pups are having a blast at home! Yes, while it is raining Mr. Mac has not done any long walks. Instead, he has only gone near the house then walked straight back home!! However, I did have a long walk with Miss Dot, it was peaceful and pleasant as she was leading the way. 

We were able to make a longer walk this afternoon but still those little “monsters” needed to be outside so they could let their energies out. Instead, Miss Dot started a playtime at home with Mac, it was funny to see her starting the game.

Mac was funny, he was trying to get the upper hand but again he had no chance with Miss Dot. She is too quick for her own good. Now the surprise we decided to have was to put Mac on a harness again since he tends to use the lead and his collar as a launching pad to bounce his full weight and then some.

This has caused my shoulders some pain that was not able to heal, but he was so happy and proud when I made him wear it. Sitting straight and content to have a new harness. When they came 2 years ago into my life, I had a harness for both.

After I had a trainer coming to my place a couple of weeks later, we spoke about the best practice about a collar or a harness. In order for them to follow the command on the lead I switched to a collar which has proven to be good for Miss Dot but not my favorite troublemaker.

At times he has been challenging during our walks so now he is back on the harness….. he walks like a proud little boy and I must say he is easier to direct as well. In case he does not follow I can always grab him on the top of the harness there is a little handle that can help me to lift his front paws. I must say I already tested it….