Our field of dreams

I love gardening, it is a great way to keep my hands in the dirt and be one with mother nature. It helps me to stay present and grounded, nurturing it while it is growing is amazing. This reminds me of our own journey as well.

Living our lives to the fullest is being able to open our hearts and minds, letting our imagination run free. Taking care of our own field of dreams by cleaning up what is not needed or having run its course. Learning to do a self-inventory of our lives while keeping ourselves authentic.

This, I believe, is the most challenging part of our own transformation, being open to live our lives to the fullest. Learning who we are can only be happening when we are on the quest of our life purpose. Learning to step into the unknown while losing all our bearings is amazing. I know it is scary but also amazing to set ourselves free.

Free from the world of the ego, free from anyone else’s expectation. Learning to be who we truly are not willing to compromise but reaching for the stars. We do what it takes to become the better part of us, it does not mean it is going to be roses and bonbons every day! Not at all! It is a journey of transformation! Nothing will ever prepare you for that journey.

Even if you have a roadmap the universe will make us take detours that we might not be expecting. It is daunting to not be in control but when you realize you are on the quest of your life you need to keep an open mind.

Nothing will ever be the same, changes occur when we are willing to move into a world of wonders when the magic of the universe creates the miracles in our lives. We are the master painter, the captain of our own destiny.