Our journey of transformation

We are in the middle of transformation, when the world of chaos came upon us not everyone was prepared to walk into the unknown. We all have been challenged one way or the other, learning to think outside of the box is useful.

Sometimes we have to stand still for a while until we can see what path we need to take. It does not mean we have to sit on our hands and wait for the other shoe to drop! Not at all, we can start to do a full inventory of our lives.

Be open to let your spirit guide you, learning to tune down our ego. It is an amazing journey when we are willing to go into the unknown. The transformation we are going through can help us to uncover who we truly are but also guiding us to our own path.

I have been able to change my path by making bold decisions, it was scary at first, but it was an amazing transformation I have gone through. I am in a better place and space because I challenged myself to push forward.

I went beyond my own limits, I refused to give up instead I found the inspiration to move forward. It was not that easy every day! it was challenging but I learned to lean on the universe to be able to have the support when I needed it.

It was a work of titan, but it was worth the tears, sweat and frustration I had. Learning to be patient which is an art of its’ own. Being able to recognize when the universe is not quite ready helped me to focus my energy on nurturing my dreams.

I have no regrets in my life, I do not live with ghosts of my past! Instead, I have and continue to be present in my life.