Learning to be

Learning to relax in our lives is an amazing feeling. Nothing is more important in my book then being grounded and relaxed. Those words have so much meaning to me, I have spent 7 days a week working nonstop….always on the go.

To finally learn to make space and room for the people I love or even being present in my life has been challenging. When you are always on the move it is amazing to learn to slow down.  You may ask, how did you do that?

I would say, “well, I was just focused on the life of a thousand, and one day I decided to purchase a lounge chair and started to spend 20 minutes at a time on my deck”.  Yes, without any social media or even TV or music.

Just being alone, starting to watch my surrounding.  I found it was an adventure and a great discipline for me to learn. I became an observer in a world of wonders, I started to see a few things I have never noticed.

Watching mother nature made me realize how much of a microsociety we are part of. Watching the wind in the trees, listening to the birds or the sound of the wood cracking around me was amazing. As I started to do that on a daily basis, I become aware of my surroundings.

Appreciating the magic, the universe had to show me.   What a great sense of observation it was. It also showed me the universe has so much variety it could not have more fun about it. It also was a wonderful way to slowdown.

When you have the opportunity to tune down the noise the world of the ego is making, you are actually learning to relax and release the stress YOU are having. I have found more joy in my life by finally learning to prioritize my life.