Healing our lives

We all have a different way to heal, some by putting it into words, others taking long walks or mediation, we have the power to heal our own body, mind, and spirit. It takes courage to do a full inventory of our lives and being able to see how we can elevate our energies to finally reach a place when peace is constant.

Through the turmoil of our lives, we have the option to stay within the lower level of energies, full of anger and resentment towards people who have moved on. Or we can just open our heart and let go of the ties that prevents us from moving forward.

When you chose to let go of your past, regardless of how bad or awful it was you are releasing the ties that were holding you down. You are finally discovering what freedom truly means, I need to state as well that you can forgive/let go but you should not forget what happened.

So, you are not going to repeat the same patterns, or it might be a great life lesson you might want to share with others. It always is inspiring when we are willing to share what we have experienced, it connects us with others and makes people realized what you have gone through they now are currently experiencing.

It helps to give hope and better days for people who are in the middle of their quest faced by challengers. We’ve got to be inspired once in awhile by someone that can help us to light up the fire in us. When you are in the middle of the raging river that is ours, it can be extremely challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are a story in motion that can change, or course correct our path. It doesn’t matter how long it is going to take, but when you keep faith and hope you are going to create the biggest miracles in your life you could ever imagine!