The saga of the pups 27

The house is quiet because the pups are taking an afternoon nap it is sooo nice to finally be able to write without any disruptions. Yes! As much as I love my babies, they are a hand full, you never know who will start what.

As we were eating our breakfast quietly, Dottie was seated on one of the dog beds by the kitchen counter. Mac came over starting to try to open his mouth wide in an attempt to “swallow” Dottie’s nose and cheeks. This lasted for a good minute or two, I was looking at him thinking he wanted to play or start some kind of mini war.

Which, I have to be honest, he could not win either.. back to our story. Miss Dottie was not reacting much she was pretty much ignoring him. She finally decided to move from where she was when Mac went straight to her, by now, empty space to grab one of the babies.

I started to laugh when I realized he was trying to get her out of the way so he could have his baby! I have never saw him acting this way, but it was funny between him opening his mouth wide he wasn’t’ trying to bite her, instead he was trying to push her out of her bed since she was sitting on his baby.

This is the kind of saga that made your morning, just watching him communicating. He is a great communicator he likes to use his front paws to communicate with us as well. He has started his own language that I am decipher every day.

He is such a great boy; I love this little pumpkin of mine. He is challenging in its own way, but he is so much more fun when he does have a tantrum! Dottie is more on the other end of the spectrum; she is more a big baby that wags not only her tail but her entire body. It is fun to watch her running like a mad cow ready to tease her brother.

She is a smart cookie and a big love bug as well! The saga of the pups will always continue with them, I am curious to know what they are going to do next as they are peacefully sleeping.