What are our intentions

I had a great conversation with another Reiki Master her name is Cindy and she is going to be on my podcast early May. We were talking about intention, yes! It is critical to understand what our true intentions are! Asking ourselves, is it coming from my ego or is it my spirit speaking?

You would be surprised how often when you ask that question your ego will be in the driver’s seat. Just like a kid ready to put the pedal to the metal to go on a wild ride even if this is not for our highest good. How often have you pushed things to be happening from a relationship to a project that did not take off from the ground. But instead, you have spent your time pushing and pushing and nothing is moving at all.

Feeling the frustration that you are failing again! Sometimes you are wondering why this is always happening to me. Why is the world against me instead of stepping back and asking the right questions?

Is this intention for my highest good? Is it coming from my spirit or is it my ego wanting something that is not for me? Do I feel It is right in my gut or is my intention driven by something else like resentment, jealousy?

How can I refocus my energy to aligned myself with the universe? How do I open up myself to a world of infinite possibilities for perfect synchronicity to works its magic? We are living in a world that Is spinning so fast we want everything at a snap of a finger.

This is not how the universe works, you need to understand we are all on a different course and it is on the universe’s timing not ours. We have growth and maturity to do before we can see the bearing fruits of our own dreams come to life.