Peace of mind

Having found my peace of mind I have become grounded and grateful for the world we are living in. It might not have been a fairytale every day, but those experiences have taught me a lot about resilience and determination.

Learning to not give up on our dreams even if some days I felt like giving up walking away from everything and getting lost in a crowd. Somehow each time I reached the point of no return the universe reached out to me by magic giving me the strength to get up and get going. One step at a time I have learned to refocus my rage by transmuting it to create something new.

Even though I have screamed and yelled at the universe, feeling unrested worn out by the life lessons and countless detours I had taken. Did I feel at time it was worth it? Not really. It was only down the road when things finally started to reveal that I understood why I had to go there.

Why I had to get pushed and pulled in many directions, why I never felt I was not at the right place. Even when I was lingering to find my own peace of mind. It was difficult but I am glad I have gone through it since the beginning.

Making an impossible journey with all the odds against me to an amazing journey witnessing myself pushing beyond my limits. Never giving up while supported by the universe. This journey of transformation did not happen overnight!

It took decades to get where I am, but it was the most groundbreaking journey for me. In all the lives I have lived this one is the most important one. It is transcending everything I have learned since the beginning of time.

It is empowering to know this is the final destination before I can retire in the world that I can’t wait to enjoy that is called me home!