Feeling the love

Feeling the love of the people or animals you have in your life helps us to stay grounded. And also when you have peace in your heart. I have seen so much love in Mac’s eyes right now as he is staring at me while I am writing this blog.

It is so beautiful and cute to see his energy changing to be a lover boy like he is! He is my big baby but when you look into his eyes you can see the love, the pure unconditional love he has. I have always preferred to be surrounded by animals more than humans. The reason was the love they give me was unconditional love, they are also teaching us compassion and empathy!

We as spirit having a human experience learning all of that. Some have the privilege to have people around them to that and some have not that! When you have not been taught to love or have compassion you have to learn those skills sets.

Not easy when the outer conditions you grew up in are not ideal, but it is never too late to learn it. We are the students of life that will transform ourselves into the most incredible and transcending ways! Our journey of transformation doesn’t stop when we are in our 20’s, not at all. The maturity is acquired when we are moving forward into uncharted territory.

I have a life of a thousand ready to become who I was meant to become when learning to co-create every day. Learning to be mindful and grateful for the people, animals and experiences I had, but also staying in the present. We are the beauty in the world that creates miracles for our highest good and the highest good of everyone.

We are the wonders of the world; we can do so much more then we think we can. When you are walking into the unknown this is when you are learning who you truly are. This is what our lives are all about!