The saga of the pups 22

As I am watching the pups snoring near me enjoying a moment of peace, I am reflecting on how far we have come! Both have settled very well, even though Miss Dot still needs some extra love right now, I am happy to say we are in a good place.

I even removed one piece of flashing I used to protect the door after she started to eat the door frame. She has stopped doing that which I am extremely appreciative. Today the weather is gloomy, so the pups are just enjoying sleeping.

It looks like Mr Mac is waking up and wants to go outside so we shall go soon. We are listening to music that is quieting our minds and bodies. It has been a full fun day for the pups! I sent them to doggy daycare two days in a row.

I felt bad for Mac on day two while I was taking them there, he looked a little tired. He is like a little Grand Pa at times but again do not get fooled by him! He can bolt and take your arm when he is on a leash. On Saturday I did take them to the tennis court, I must say we had a lot of fun.

The two-tennis ball I have end up with, at the end became deflated in the middle of the fun. The poor balls couldn’t bounce very well to the delight of Mac. Dottie was funny I made her run a little more since she has more energy than Mac.

It was fun to play for awhile on the court, as usual Dottie tried to handle both balls. She even started to pass with her paws a few times the ball to Mac. I am thinking I should search for a dog soccer team and have her in it!!