Finishing projects

I just wrote a blog about unfinished business; I must say doing my own DIY remodeling has been great. Being independent in nature helps us, as well, to finish and not count too much on people who are supposed to help you.

It is upsetting when you are dealing with people that will start projects like you are eating peanuts but will not come through to finish it. I have learned through the tough discipline I had as a child to complete any chores or tasks that were assigned to me. Even the ones I did not like to do!

It also gave me the focus to stay on course even if at times we can be distracted by others. Back to my projects….. I have bought another toy a second electric Brad Nailer so I could take care of the baseboard and flooring as well.

It has been fun “playing” with it, I am happy to have gotten this one. Waiting for someone that was supposed to help is not fun. But when you are feeling you are at their mercy it is not acceptable, it is giving your powers away.

Or like couple will do you had to fight or become less than nice to get the point across to have them finishing their work. I have no patience when it comes to disrespect or taking someone for granted, it shows those individuals who are acting that way are self-absorbed.

If their ego is leading their lives, again Karma will remind them one way or another that acting up that way will lead them to fail or being rejected. If you are not realizing each time you are hitting the wall, there is a lesson to learn. Also, they need to open their eyes and see what they have done and how they can course correct their path.