Unfinished business

It is also interesting to realized how much we can continue to learn. It happened I need to leave my study on hold for a while. I had to do that because life took over and I needed to pause it and focus on other priorities.

It wasn’t a waste of time, instead when I picked up my study again, I have been assimilating the course faster. Everything is clicking better then last year. It also surprised me to discover that not only did I have what I needed to fully comprehend this course but also, I am relaxed.

Not putting a time clock on that study like I did last year. I am going on the flow not putting time limits on what I can do. By removing that time clock, it opens my mind to infinite possibilities, keeping an open mind and seeing it coming together.

Not trying to control anything at all but instead learning to navigate a new flow. I must say by doing that and taking the time to learn and understand the study it shows me how much we can accomplished. Nothing is ever out of reach when you put your mind into it.

I might have waited over 8 months to go back to it, but it has been worth it. It is never too late to pick up a book or try something new. Perhaps we might have to put things on hold because of our outer conditions, but also, we might not be quite ready to restart our studies.

When we are willing to go back to a world of wonders and finally taking care of unfinished business, it is when you are understanding how much more we can accomplished in our lives. We can make the impossible possible at any level in our lives.

Learning to go with the flow and knowing when to pick up what we have put on pause.