Getting things done

Oh, the satisfaction of finally getting the last room in the house done! Yes, the utility room was the last room that did not had any flooring. Instead of doing it myself I had a team doing it. It is nice to see the project finished. I did, however, install the transition piece I will call it my contribution.

But this would never have happened if I did not have the universe as my partner. It all started with trying to find a contractor. You would think it would be that easy to find someone that can do that job. Well, you better think twice. I had no answers or the only I had was 6 months down the road.

I did not want to wait that long, instead of getting upset I decided to lean on the universe. By the end of the week, I got a full list of potential contractors that might be able to do the job. I waited the following Monday to go through the list and contact them.

I was able to connect with one of them, I was pleased by his fairness and knowledge of what was supposed to be done. Also, his pricing was reasonable. A couple of days later he started the work with his crew.

It was an easier process to go through while partnering with the universe. Everything came together quickly and professionally. When you are partnering with the universe you cannot go wrong. Going on the flow of the universe is being able to let go of the ‘how”, instead let the universe work its magic.

The magic can come from a remodeling team, a person that will walk into your life and help you or a friend that will reach out to you. You never know what form it will come in, but when you keep an open mind you are on the right track.

Things will change and evolve in a way you least expected.