Being authentic in our lives

We can become the best we can be by learning to check ourselves. What do I mean by that? Being authentic in our lives, yes, you read it correctly. Being authentic is the most empowering but also frightening thing to do.

How often have you felt invisible to the people around you? Feeling you are a stranger in your own life. Not being seen for who you truly are. Being our own self can be challenging but the hardest part is when we are becoming someone we are not. It takes more energy to wear a mask every single day.

Worried about not fitting in or even being accepted by others. Those are the least of your worries because no matter how hard you are trying it will not work. Pushing ourselves in a deeper hole that will lead to no man’s land. Losing our light and peace, when you are finally realizing it is not worth it.

This is when you are setting yourself free, free of constraints that are not yours. Living a thousand lives is being able to reinvent ourselves for the purpose of discovering our own skill sets. We always are going to have pressure from our outer conditions, this is something we cannot avoid. Our life lessons will also be taught. But it doesn’t mean we cannot live our lives to the fullest.

Taking an honest inventory of our own lives on a daily or weekly basis will help us to stay grounded but also taking an honest perspective on our actions. We have what it takes to move on in our journey, being open to changing our own patterns.

Learning to be open to create a world of magic and accepting the gifts the universe can send to us. It also reminds us, even though we are a story in motion we can be accountable for our own actions.