A place of tranquility

The most amazing part of when you are doing something new is learning to go with the flow. When I am looking on how I go about my life and my business I am amazed at how much on the flow I currently am! It also brings me back to memory land to see how far I have come.

As life has taken many detours that taught me so many life lessons, the wisdom I have acquired has been amazing. Being able to watch how to co-create but also how much the energy we are putting into the world can impact us.

It also teaches us to remind ourselves if we are not grounded, learning to meditate, and recognize when it is time to surrender to the universe as well things will not always go as planned. There is time we can walk on our path feeling the flow of the universe under our feet. And some days we have to learn to let it go so the universe can prevail and bring us back to what we really need, not want.

Having been on both side of the coin I am realizing when I let my ego leading the charge it would always end up in chaos. On the opposite side I can see when my spirit is in the driver’s seat life is easier and more joyful.

Through the years you are changing and evolving, when you finally come to the realizing you are not only human but also a vibrational being. You are starting to live an awareness life, becoming mindful of what you are thinking.

Changing your intention to create a more harmonious life, not letting anyone rain on your parade. Learning to be peaceful and live in your “havre de paix” it might take a journey of a lifetime but when you finally get in such a place of peace and tranquility you do not need anything else.