We are a story in motion

Keeping ourselves grounded is essential especially when you are realizing how much energy you can send out into the world that will impact you at every level of your life. If you are upset about work or family, learning to meditate will help you to ground yourself and stay calm.

If you don’t you might be seeing a change in your life. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are looking to have a project completed you might find yourself caught in the middle of an unexpected roadblock. Everything in your life is shifting to be more chaotic then it should be.

When you are centering yourself again you can witness everything is shifting back to “normal”. This is when you realize that you are not only a story in motion but also a co-creator with the universe. The deeper you are connecting with the universe the most careful you have to watch how your energies are floating around you.

It is always best when you are angry or annoyed to not try to negotiate or even write something back to someone that might have irritated you. Or you could write a mock email then delete it afterwards. These are little tricks that will help us to release our negative energies if we cannot channel them.

We are living a life of a thousand, learning to welcome changes in our lives even if some of them are uncomfortable. We are students of life. This means we need to realize we can start messy when we have not mastered our skill sets.

Becoming the better part of us is to be willing to go of the unknown taking a leap of faith for us. We are the magicians in the world of wonders, we are curious and should stay curious in our lives.