The saga of the pups 18

It is nice to enjoy the weather even though the winds are quite wild. Now it finally feels like spring. As we are enjoying nicer weather so are the pups. We are still going early, if time permits, to the tennis court so both can enjoy a game of chasing the ball.

At the beginning they were chasing after each other then we would introduce the tennis ball. It seems like now both are expecting the balls right after we are entering the court. No more playing around or running around! We are talking business.

I changed the balls going for children’s balls which are more pliable in their mouth. With two balls I am now teaching them to release it so I can throw it again. However, Mac still has a tendency to drop his ball when he is near Dottie, trying to take her away and I must say 9 times out of 10 she is not willing to let him have it.

But to make it even better, while Dottie has hers in her mouth and I am ready to throw the ball for Mac, she would still chase after his ball. Even finds ways to block him if she does not try to take the second ball into her mouth.

It is always fun to be with both, they are learning to come back to me when they have caught the balls. Dottie is learning to release on commend as well! Mac is easy going too he will 9 out of 10 do it but the only time he wants to hold it is if I use my favorite twist on him. Yes, I can also cheat and get him to release it by simply taking him in my arms and lifting him up…

They are such great troopers, when we are done, we are going back home and do a mini walk.