Our own addiction

I had a great collaboration with my friend Christie Anne, we did cover a lot of topics in a much lighthearted way. One of the topics we talk about was about when clients are coming to see her and have been caught cheating on their mates.

I did find this topic interesting because I felt it was essential for people to hear about it. Understanding why a person would be a serial cheater or the one who has stumbled one because they do not feel connected or lost connection with their mates or gone back to an old pattern. It is all about the patterns and who we truly are.

What is consuming ourselves needs to be addressed. We can stay in those patterns because we are enjoying them, and they are addictive. The rush and the adrenal we are releasing makes us feel alive. We can learn to balance the first chakra, which is the root chakra, that will help us to release those old patterns.

But again, it is up to us to choose our own freewill, it takes courage to make changes in our lives small or big it doesn’t matter. We are the master of our own destiny and we can, if we work at it, make positive changes. The same goes for other patterns we might have, whether it be food to sex addiction, there is not only a physical dependency but also a need to learn to overcome these addictions one day at a time.

There is more support and awareness these days to help us, but the first step is to acknowledge the problem. What Christie Anne mentioned to me is when most people get caught, they stop for a while, then go back to their old patterns.

Again, it is up to us to decide what we want to do. So, remind ourselves we are accountable for our own actions as well. Learning to standing on our own two feet is feasible if we put our mind into it.