Resetting the balance

Being in the flow is being inspired and feeling the support of the universe in our lives. It also feels like we are on cloud nine. Being able to create a world of wonders, having a lot of fun while dancing in our bodies. The joy to feel inspired can come from our circle of light.

Having such great people around me I am blessed and grateful throughout difficult times. I can always lean on them but also feeling the love. It resets the negativity we might be experiencing from others that have resentment or insecurity.

Learning to stay grounded and at peace helps us to distress our bodies. We also have to recognized when things are happening that way, it is only a teaching moment for us. How do we stand grounded and strong in challenging times?

Not willing to let anyone ruin our parade or disturbing our peace. Learning to stay Zen requires us to bring peace in our heart by mediating or walking. Doing something that will keep us on our own path, we cannot control outer conditions, but we can control how we react.

Learning to recognize, when you are faced by the ego world that wants to drag you down is challenging, but like still water keeping calm and continuing to move forward will probably annoy them, but it will help you to not overly react.

Reminding ourselves that karma will always come and collect. When you are faced with challengers that are sending negative energy your way, just send them love and let the universe and karma deal with them.

I have seen too many times people that would be acting up being disgruntle while they are acting up the universe will continue to watch. Karma will always come and collect for any actions we have done that is not for our highest good or the highest good of anyone. This is when the universe will reset the balance. Making it fair even if we are never going to see them facing karma.