Our own path

Having a circle of light is essential to keeping us grounded but also when life takes a wrong turn or if you might have lost someone or you are feeling down. This is when you can reach out to them to feel the love and find the comfort you need to lift your spirit.

We do not have to do it alone at all. I have learned along my path that even though I felt alone at times in my journey the universe will, by way of perfect synchronicity, introduce a person that will lift my spirit. Even for a minute it would give me the jolt I needed.

We are coming into people’s lives for a reason. Some for the long haul or some for a moment of pure inspiration. We have to create our own circle. It will help us to move on in our lives with the best possible opportunities to stay positive.

As we are moving in our journey, we must create our own journey or own path. Living the dream is being able to co-create with the universe. As we are doing that, we are seeing a shift in our lives from new job, new friends, and or a new mate.

We are open to let perfect synchronicity into our lives and this is when the magic happens! Yes, when we are willing to relinquish the control on how everything should unfold. We are magical creatures and are capable of changing the course of our lives.

But it only can happen when we are truly in partnership with the universe. Reminding ourselves it is not a sprint but a marathon. Patience is also required. We must understand it is not on our own timing but the universe’s timing.

Learning to stay in the flow and keep our energies higher will provide us what we need to archive our goals. With the support of our circle of light the road will be easier.