The world of wonders

I love to watch the rerun of Tool Time; it is a funny show but also can bring me back to memory land for a moment. Reminding myself how crazy we were as younger adults. As life took detours and unexpected opportunities came along.

While living our lives to the fullest we were able to change our lives for the better. When you are on the journey of a lifetime, you have no idea how it is going to unfold. Even if you have your dreams or 5 years plan, you are not counting on the universe and outer condition what might alter your path.

We are the most powerful beings, capable of creating our own destiny. Taking the time to ground ourselves while doing a self-inventory of where we are is essential. It also enables us to see ourselves in an authentic way.

We are changing and evolving, this does not mean we are not going to face our own life lessons. Or we are going to avoid the ups and downs in our journey. Living a life of thousands is being able to learn our life lessons.

Recognizing our own growth and what we still to need to work on. We are the magicians that can transform our lives for the better. It takes a lot of growth and maturity to be able to let our ego sleep while learning to connect with our spirit.

Creating that strong bound with the universe. Learning to co-create a better life for our self and others. It takes an open heart to be living our lives to the fullest. Feeling vulnerable might be scary for some of us but when you are doing that. It gives us the connection we need to connect with the universe.

We are all living in a beautiful world of wonders if we chose to do so.