In time of distress

Our days come and go but when you are under distress caused by people who would blindside you with their anger you might want to jump into the defensive mode even if you have “played by the book”. I found myself in an uncomfortable place I must admit.

The anger of two individuals that had been harboring for quite sometimes has finally came to the surface under the false pretense of a conversation. It went down very quickly, like the speed of light. We always have a choice, we can overreact, or we can stay calm with a poker face and let this unfolding.

I choose option two watching them thinking what is wrong with them… I could see the negativity coming out of their mouth. I decided to keep myself grounded then after the meeting I had a great glass of fresh water.

When we are faced with this kind of unruly situation, we have to learn to stay grounded. The best defense sometimes is not to respond instead let the universe show us the way to reset the balance in a different way.

Like a relationship that goes down the drain, you might want to try to hold on to it. Or you can realize that this relationship has run its course so you can move on for a better one! When you are grounded this is when you can step back and see the bigger picture.

We are a story in motion, you have the power to change or stay on the course you are on. But when opportunities are ready to be revealed to you the most amazing moment is when you discover what is next for you.

What the universe has in reserve that would not have been possible if you did not learn to let go of what is not for your highest good.