Our lives lessons part 2

We are all complicated. Yes, you read it right! We are all complicated spirits having a human experience. Our path is taking us to different outer conditions. We all have our preconceived assumptions based on where we grew up.

We can find ourselves repeating our parents’ mistakes as well. When we are a white canvas that can change our outer condition by changing our own patterns. Yes, we can!  Believe it or not, our parents’ lives should not define ours.

I know this is a hard one to understand, in some cases children will reproduce the same pattern of their parents. We have to learn to break those habits by asking our spirit what path would be the best? What can I do to course correct my path?

Even thinking about it will help you to start to see what possibilities you can have. You do not have to see how it will happen but instead see the end result. Focus on how it feels to know you have your happy ending.

The journey that will lead you to it will be happening when you are co-creating with the universe. In that journey you will have to face your life lessons yes! they are still to be learn. There is no free pass when you are reaching your goals.

It is part of our journey to face our life lessons, it helps us to grow and mature. We also have our own freewill, yes this adds even more complexities to our lives. We can ignore them, but we are not going to be able to move forward either.

Keeping ourselves repeating them different situation, different people. Yes, I know not fun but when we are able to learn them, we can move up to the next level in our journey.