Saga of the pups 16

After our big snow fall the little ones wanted to have some fun. We drove back to the tennis court; Mac was so excited I had to refrain him while we were walking toward the tennis court. After I released them, they both were running and sliding in the snow. It was so funny to watch them doing that.

As we were almost ready to leave, we saw Georgie, she is another dog living across from us. She was walking near the tennis court, so we decided to invite her in to play. I had to restrained both of them in order for Georgie to enter.

From there both of them got so excited it was funny to watch. Mac did not know what to do much since Georgie is a French bulldog, she is still little but a lot of energy. Dottie was over the moon she was keeping up with her.

As Georgie was running Dottie was following her watching over her. However, Mac is not a runner he was trailing everyone. We had a good laugh watching him trying to keep up with both of them. It was a wonderful time to see all of them having fun.

Mac gave me the signal he had enough playing in the snow. We parted ways while Georgie continued her walk with her mama. We went back to the car and drove back home. It was a fun and impromptu meeting and all of them had a great time.

When we came back home the pups crashed, so tired, while I was busy with my day. We are looking forward to better days when the weather and Mother Earth will grace us with warm weather. In the meantime, we are still enjoying the snow while staying patient to enjoy longer walks.

The saga of the pups will continue.