Mother Nature

As we are closer to spring, Mother Nature just reminded us today snow is still part of March! Yes, a fun reminder by feeling the temps dropping and the snow covering the ground. The pups were out of control this morning.

It was just the premise of the snow to come! Based on their behavior I decided to take them to the tennis court. Yes! another day trip to the tennis court. It is a fun place for the pups they can run free for a while.

Chasing after each other and in the midst of that madness adding a ball makes it even better. Dottie will bolt while Mac will try to keep up with her. I do, however, cheat when I can catch Miss Dot, I will throw the ball so Mac can get a head start.

I also am watching Dottie’s paws it seems like she her paws are more sensitive so running on the tennis court can burn her paws as well. In this case I made sure we drove today no walk. As they were having fun the temps were starting to fall quickly, we only spent 20 minutes, but it was worth it to make them run!!

We drove back home and both pups where exhausted. I am planning on doing the same thing tomorrow. Now we have some snow on the ground it will make is easier for Miss Dot to run. It is so much more useful to have found a place for them to get their energies out.

It also is a great way to watch them playing with each other. It also gives me time to be outdoors and have fun, even laughing while both of them are playing.

Life is too short to be stressed out by our outer condition! Having them in my life has been a blessing with a lot of hard work but it is all worth it!