Springtime is coming

I was almost ready to get my deck ready for springtime! Feeling the nicer weather for the past week has reminded me we are a few days from spring but as I mentioned in my last blog, beautiful Mother Nature always reminds us of where we are!

As I am looking outside, I can see the white blanket covering the ponds and trees. It is a beautiful sight I must say, even if I am longing for the sun and warmth weather. Taking the time to watch the snow falling slowing, reminds me on how patient we need to be.

Especially when we are co-creating with the universe. If we are in the middle of the changes that will lead you to a better life, we are being reminded that patience is the key. We cannot run faster then the music playing! Yes, I know another proverb coming from Emma!! But to be honest we cannot rush everything because we think we are ready.

Or we think we can do it when we are not even standing on our own two feet. We have to learn to respect the order the universe is sending on our path. We can, however, ignore them as well since we have our own free will, but this will also put a wrench in our plan!!

Yes, when our ego wants to do its own thing, this is where disaster and obstacles are coming our way. Instead of an easier path, we are going to be faced with unnecessary obstacles.  We are living our lives to the fullest when we are learning how to work in partnership with the universe.

We have to be willing to listen to our spirit, leaving our ego asleep. Having an open mind when it comes to how the universe will deliver our dreams and goals.