Finding our path

Finding our path, our life purpose can be challenging. Some people will know as young kids what their callings are. Some will have to go into the unknown and figure out what they would like to do in their lives. While another group of people will be like a sponge, meaning they can learn everything and anything. Their capabilities to learn are amazing, they are the “Jack of all trades”.

Those are the ones that might find more difficult in their lives to narrow down what they should be doing. Instead of trying to narrow it down just learn to continue to expand them. Those skill sets will come in handy later on when they are creating magic.

Yes! being a multi-dimensional person is tapping into the world of infinite possibilities but also uncovering what our skill sets are. Being able to let our spirit guide us in our lives helps us to archive the most unbelievable experiences.

Yes, we do not feel we are in competition with the world. Instead, we are focused on minding our own business. Learning what is essential for us on how to live a fulfilled and happier life. Learning to know who we truly are through trials and tribulations. Being open to learn every day, not to feel restricted to a life that is not ours.

Living a life of a thousand is learning our skill sets! Every single one of them will guide you on a journey of a lifetime. Learning to know what we like and don’t like, how much fun or unpleasantness we have had. All those experiences are building your own legacy.

We might want to write some books about our teenage years, how we were wild and crazy to starting our own first job. Those stories could be useful for the next generation as well. But, again, we all have to learn as we go along on our path.