Creating our own challenges

Creating magic is being able to open our mind and let our imagination be free. From the wildest dreams we want to archive while becoming the better part of us. It all starts by minding our own business, it is opening the doors to let our spirit be free.

It is taking the time to ask our spirit what our hearts desires is. The most powerful statement you can make for your highest good is to become honest and true. Yes! honestly and authenticity will bring you what you really need.

There is a difference I need to emphasize between what we want based on our ego, or what we need based on our spirit. Often, we think we need something that is not for our highest good and will not come to fruition.

When we let our spirit guiding us, we are reconnecting ourselves with the universe. Showing us the path, we are meant to take. This opens us up to a world of infinite possibilities that is for our highest good. It also shows us, while we are learning to co-create with the universe, we can ease our path.

We do not have to do it alone; we are expanding our wings and able to make the impossible possible. What a wonderful concept, we might also be challenged in our lives, but it is also amazing to see the universe in action.

Our own freewill will always add a twist in our lives, this is the main reason we have to learn to stay grounded and centered. Even when our outer conditions are challenging us, we must learn to stay in the moment.

Trying to project ourselves in the future will not help us to move out from where we are to where we need to be. Becoming the challenger in our lives is to be willing to make the bold moves we need for a better life.