Decluttering our lives

The joy to have sent the pups to daycare was to be able to go through my “to do” list and get going! Yes, from shopping to cleaning up the garage it has been a fruitful day. Having the peace and quiet to focus on the tasks ahead.

Also, it is always great when deals are coming when you need them. For example, as you are looking to sort your garage, you might find earlier, during shopping, a good deal on totes that will save you a lot of money and help you to organize the space in the garage.

Learning to clear out our own space is welcoming new things into our lives. It is not about cluttering that open space but learning to keep the flow of creativity coming into our lives. When you are cleaning your space, you have a sense of freedom and with that comes a sense of peace.

You are not feeling claustrophobic instead you can see the space that surrounds you. It is a great way when you want to invite changes in your life to start to clean up your own garden. Yes, believe it or not, changes come when we are starting to take a full inventory of our lives.

Not only the physical part of it but also the relational side of it as well. From past relationship that have run their course to a job you might have outgrown. Starting to declutter your life will open yourself up to opportunities.

We are not here to do it alone, but when we are willing to roll up our sleeves and actually do the work, we can finally open ourselves to infinite possibilities. We have so much untapped potential in our lives you would not believe it! It is only when you look back at how far you have come it will be the most humbling moment to realize that.