Saga of the pups 14

Ah! the joy of springtime!!! Now we are getting closer with the snow melting down. We can finally see the brown grass and dead leaves while the animal kingdom is starting to awaken! We are now doing a couple of walks during the day, some long walks with the pups i.e. one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, the landscape is changing.

Today was no exception, but also a reminder we are now going back to more fun. This morning’s walk was good we were at a fast pace even Mac tried to bolt a few times which is not good for my shoulder. After we came back from our first walk both crashed.

It gave me some time to recover as well. But this afternoon’s walk was the most interesting. Mac had chosen a rope toy for his usual carry along “baby” as we were looking which path, we were going to choose Mac went right this time.

At that point we started to pick a nice pace a few feet from our starting point. I was looking forward with Dot when Mac stopped and dropped his baby. I turned around and saw him getting excited like he wanted to play with a toy.

When my eyes lowered to the toy, he dropped I notice it was in the front of a snake. Yes! A snake that was barely moving. That snake wasn’t in a good mood either!! I wonder why? I had to pull Mac first then Miss Dot barged into the situation and wanted to not play with the live snake but kill it. I had to contain her and guess who finally had to pick up the toy???

Yup it was me, while that snake was opening its mouth wide, I let him be for a sec. I again let the snake pull back from us by an inch while the snake was putting itself in the defensive position, I slowly grabbed the toy. It is always great to face your fears of snakes that way!

We resumed our walk but instead of a short one I decided to go for a longer one. We stopped by the tennis courts that are now dry and let them run free for about 15 minutes at least so they could get the mischief out of their bodies for the rest of the today!

The rest of the walk was a little eventful for Miss Dot. She has developed an issue with bikes. Yes, we saw one and she got a little overly excited about it. On the plus side we did not meet any other snakes so that was good.

Now the kids are resting, and Miss Dot is watching outside as the contractors are fixing the deck. There are definitely no dull moments in this household.