The magic of the universe

I must say doing a vision board is something absolutely amazing. It takes time to create one but when we are carefully going over each intent and affirmation we are placing on that board. We need to be prepared for what is coming next! Yes, when you are creating that vision board you are not only naming it but also claiming what you would like to see materialize in your world.

It is always unexpected when things are starting to unfold. When the universe is taking notice of the vision board by starting to work on it with perfect synchronicity. Even in the most unexpected way things are starting to come to fruition.

From a trip to a new job or an unplanned remodeling that will fix everything you wanted at no cost. You are being reminded to be grateful and humbled. It is always fun to check on your own board to see where you are and what else you can start to daydream about.

Sending the universe, the message you are ready to welcome what is coming next. The magic comes when we are in constant communication with the divine. Like everything else in our lives, we have to become the master when we are practicing every day.

Yes, it seems like a lot of work, but it will become your daily routine and to top it all, as you are opening the channel to communication with the divine, the answers and the materialization of your dream will come quicker.

So why not start today? What is stopping you from starting to change your life for the better? Is it because you have to put some work upfront? Instant gratification will not come to you if you are not willing to do the work! Nothing will appear on our lap if we are not willing to go into our journey and create our own magic with the support of the universe.