Easing our path

Noticing when the universe is sending abundance in the form of help, opportunities or ideas. Yes! when we are opening ourselves to letting our spirit guide us in our path, we also are able to communicate with the universe.

While we are co-creating with the universe an amazing journey is opening for us. By going on the flow with perfect synchronicity the world is opening to us. How often have you felt you had an amazing day when everything came into perfect synchronicity? From a great morning trip to work, to meetings that turned out to be perfect or finding the right parking spot at the grocery store to having a free meal at lunchtime. You could be amazed to realized being in the present moment and noticing those changes happening around you is because you have finally entered in partnership with the divine.

How often have you felt you are at the right place at the right time? Have you ever felt you had some magical support around you? Have you ever asked yourself why you are not asking for the universe to help you? Do you feel you do not deserve to be happy in your life?

I have heard too many times that people will not ask for help from the universe because they are afraid, they will not be heard, or they think you have to be in dire situations to do so. The truth is I have been speaking with the universe since I was a small child.

I have leaned on them for support for everything, learning to co-create with them. It might sound a little out of this world, but I have opened my heart to let my spirit guide me along my path. Why should I live a hard life when I can have the support of the universe to ease the road I am walking on?