The saga of the pups 13

The joy of the pups, as we are connecting more and more, so is the mischief continue. Mac is my big baby, ready to jump on my lap to get my attention. But the fun part is now we have come full circle. Yes! Let me explain.

As I mentioned before, each time, we come back home, Miss Dot I have to play. The game is catch, she is enjoying running after a ball bringing it back to me and doing it again. Then she decided to play a little trick on me.

She decided to not release the ball. Instead, she was enjoying testing me. We had a lot of fun I must say I did cheat a few times by opening her mouth and grabbing it. She had a blast!  So now, to make things even better, Mac has started to join the fun.

Running after Dottie and the ball trying to catch it but somehow Miss Dot is not so keen on letting him join the fun. I had to remind her it was for her best interest to let him play. At the end it was a game. We also had the opportunity to go back to the tennis court.

But instead of driving I made them walk, Mac did very well. They both played and ran after each other while this time I was outside the tennis court. Letting them have fun, we spent about 45 minutes of fun then continued our walk.

We did the grand tour instead of using the shortcut, as we were close to home Mac surprised me and took a left turn to go straight to another park. I was so proud of my little boy! We had a great walk when we came back home both were so happy! We spent nearly two hours of activities!