Letting our dreams come true

Opening ourselves to infinite possibilities is to be ready to go into the unknown. Keeping an open mind and heart while listening to our spirit. The most challenging part of all of it is our ego. Under the pretense of trying to protect us, but really not wanting us to change our ways but instead trying to make us hang onto something that is not for our highest good.

Changing are inevitable when we are on our journey, learning to see the silver lining and let go of the fears and ego. Instead learning to embrace the infinite possibilities that are coming towards us. Even the invisible ones that have not come to fruition.

Opening the channel to co-creation and keeping our spirit higher. It is a wonderful journey we are embarking on. It is a blessing to see ourselves changing and evolving.   It requires us to be willing to go into the unknown.

Learning to go with the flow, keeping ourselves calm and grounded. Knowing that everything will be alright! When you learn to co-create with the universe you are learning to shift your thoughts. Projecting a happy ending like having a new job, find the right home or starting your own business.

We have so many options that can enrich our lives for the better. Not knowing how it is going to unfold but instead feeling we already have it. What a great way to live our lives! Remember our vision board? well if you have not done one yet why not start one?

This will also help us to manifest what is for our highest good! Yes, manifesting is going beyond the reality we are in. Tapping into our imagination to get things started regardless of our outer condition we can push ourselves too finally be free.

Our spirit will guide us when we are willing to let the world of the ego go and finally embrace our own spirit!